Worship is the central activity of the church.  It is spiritual practice from which and through which all other spiritual practices originate.  In worship the church gathers to hear the Word of the Lord, to receive the sacraments, and to be sent out into the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Zion Lutheran Church seeks to worship God in the local context as well as to broaden experience and awareness.  Worship has both a vertical dimension, connecting the faithful with God, and a horizontal dimension, reconciling humanity with one another.

Each week Zion gathers for worship on Sundays.   Zion also gathers to mark key festivals in the Christian Church Year. Most worship services are broadcast on local access Cable Channel 21.

Sunday worship presents so many ways to participate and contribute to the life of Zion.


Senior Choir
Senior Choir
Zion’s Senior Choir is open to anyone wishing to contribute to the musical life of worship. Choir rehearsal is typically Wednesday evenings. The Choir sings during worship on the first and third Sundays and other festival days.
Junior Choir (3rd - 6th Grades)
Junior Choir (3rd - 6th Grades)
The Junior Choir, Sunday School classes grades three through six, rehearses during School School and contributes to worship occasionally throughout the church year.
Cherub Choir (Pre-K - 2nd Grades)
Cherub Choir (Pre-K - 2nd Grades)
The Cherub Choir, Sunday School classes pre-school 1 through second grade, rehearses during Sunday School and contributes to worship occasionally throughout the church year.

Opportunities to Serve in Worship


Zion welcomes worship assistants to read scripture and assist with the prayers during worship.  Occasional training sessions for readers are held, or those interested may contact the office.

Communion Assistants

Members of Zion may assist with distribution of Holy Communion during worship.  Occasional training sessions are held, or those interested may contact the office.


Zion welcomes offerings of music throughout the church year. Pieces need to be appropriate to worship and to the season of the church year.

Acolyte, Crucifer

Typically these worship assistants are members in grades six through eight, although there are times when older youth and adults may serve.

Altar Guild

Each Sunday a group of volunteers prepares the Altar for worship by attending to candles, washing table linens, and preparing the elements for Holy Communion. This is an important ministry of preparation. Teams rotate each month of the year so no individual or couple needs serve more than one month. Schedules are created by the volunteers involved.

Altar Flowers

Zion has a team of individuals who provide flowers for the altar throughout the year.  Those who wish to contribute to this team may contact the chair of the Worship and Music Committee to be included.


Greeters offer hospitality for all who worship. Greeters seek to assist those new to worship with orientation to the building and to the worship service. Their desire is to anticipate the needs of newcomers in a way that welcomes people to return without being obtrusive.


Ushers are a second line of hospitality and seek to make sure worship flows well through their attention to behind-the-scenes details.

Slide show Composers/operators

Volunteers compose slide shows to be projected in worship and operate them during the service.

Sound & Television

Zion broadcasts worship on the local access cable channel, currently Eagle Cable Channel 21.  Volunteers ensure quality sound and operate the television cameras for the broadcast.

There are many ways to contribute to and participate in the worship life of Zion Lutheran Church.

For more information feel free to speak with a member of Zion’s staff.