The faithful commit themselves to the spiritual discipline of generosity both within and beyond the church.  Generosity includes the sharing of time, talent and financial resources.  Research suggests that human beings are “wired” for generosity and such generosity supports greater sense of health and well-being. Throughout this website are many invitations to share time and talent with Zion Lutheran Church.

In terms of financial stewardship, check out ways to give to Zion and support Zion’s ministry.  For more information, check out the How We Can Give document.

Contribute online via electronic fund transfer (EFT), bank debit or credit card through our secure electronic giving site.

Four Ways to Give

Offering Envelopes:
Each member household may receive a set of Offering Envelopes for each Sunday and holiday of the church year. By putting your check or cash in the envelope, the Financial Recording Secretary, is able to keep track of giving and report it for tax purposes at the end of the year. Offerings may also be mailed to the church.
Simply Giving:
Zion has simplified giving through Simply Giving, a direct electronic withdrawal system, which can automate your giving directly from a checking or savings account. Stop by the office to fill out the form for this program. Changes to withdrawals can be made anytime by stopping by the office.
Electronic Giving:
Electronic Giving:
Zion Lutheran Church also offers electronic giving through Zion’s website. Members can establish their own profile, including their banking information (Checking, Savings, Debit, or Credit card), and manage their own giving either as one time events or scheduled transactions on a weekly or monthly basis. Click the “Give Now” button above.
Designated Crop:
Designated Crop:
For those who farm, Zion Lutheran Church has an account with Cargill in Albion. When delivering grain, farmers can tell them an amount (bushel or dollar) to be credited to the church. Cargill will then send Zion a check for the total gifts received. This gift is not tax deductible, but it will reduce the farmer’s income before taxes. Farmers will want to consult with their tax advisor about what is best for their tax situation.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Gifts

Members of Zion have included Zion Lutheran and the Zion Lutheran Endowment Fund with gifts from their estates.  If you also wish to support Zion from your estate, you can name the Zion Lutheran Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of a percentage or all of a life insurance policy, retirement account or with a specific percentage or remainder bequest in your Will or Trust. Ask your professional advisor how to make a gift or use our congregation’s gift planning assistants: Lutheran Planned Giving Services (click here).

Other Benevolences

Zion Lutheran Church supports a variety of other organizations both locally and globally.  Offerings may be designated for any of the following:


Boone County Food Pantry: the Boone County Food Pantry is open weekly to address emergency needs of the hungry living in Boone County.

Boone County Mobile Food Pantry: the Mobile Food Pantry is a once a month food distribution collaboration among the Ministerial Association, the Sheriff’s Department, the Food Bank for the Heartland.

ELCA Hunger Appeal: ELCA Hunger Appeal addresses hunger throughout the United States and the globe.  One hundred percent of money goes to feeding programs.  The Congregation’s Mission Share helps pay for overhead costs.  For more information visit the Hunger Appeal website.  []

Disaster Response

ELCA Disaster Response:  ELCA Disaster Response addresses both domestic and global emerging disasters.  One hundred percent of donations to disaster response goes to address the immediate needs.  For more information visit the Lutheran Disaster Response page.   []

Camp Scholarship

Camp Ambassadors:  Camp Ambassadors raise funds within Zion Lutheran Church to ensure that every child who wishes to attend church camp at Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries has the opportunity to attend.