Prayer Chain

Zion’s Prayer Chain is a group that responds to requests for prayer in the congregation. Requests can be made by calling the church office or speaking with either of the pastors and can be specific or made with anonymity for the recipient. All prayer requests will be held in confidence. Prayer requests may relate to emotional, spiritual, or physical needs.

The Prayer Chain holds utmost respect for those making the request for prayers, and is not to be a source of gossip or speculation. The Apostle Paul encourages the faithful to pray without ceasing. The Prayer Chain seeks to pray for fellow members and others out of the love for neighbor commanded by Jesus Christ.

To join the Prayer Chain, contact the Zion Office.  To make a prayer request, contact the Zion Office.

Nebraska Synod Prayer Team

The Nebraska Synod is looking for people to serve on the Synod Prayer Team.

This team is responsible for providing compassionate and discrete prayer care for those who identify specific prayer requests to the Synod office. Prayer requests are received and will be forwarded to the Prayer Team continually.

To join people from around the Synod on the prayer team, e-mail with your name, congregation and the e-mail address you wish to be contacted at. You will be subscribed to an e-mail list that will provide notice of prayer needs throughout the week. Once we receive your request to be added to the Prayer Team, you will receive confirmation and then will be contacted as specific prayer needs arise.

Your prayers will make a difference. Thanks for sharing your time and prayers for those in need.

Prayers of Intercession

The church prays as part of each regular worship service.  Aside from the Prayer Chain, Zion Lutheran Church often includes individuals or concerns that are of particular concern in the Sunday intercessory prayer.  To be included in the Sunday prayers, contact a pastor or the church office.  Know that Zion seeks to ensure permission from the individual or family before publicly offering prayers out of respect for privacy.

Stitch & Pray

Stitch & Pray is a ministry of Zion where individuals commit to crochet prayer shawls for individuals who have a need.  The members of this ministry gather one evening each month, and each year, the congregation prays for the recipients of the completed shawls before they are distributed to the local hospital to be shared with patients.

MultiGenerational Prayer Event

Seeking the Spirit Within

Seeking the Spirit Within is the Nebraska Synod’s response to an ever-increasing need for qualified individuals to help provide spiritual direction and lead spiritual retreats.

Spiritual direction is the strengthening and encouraging of one another in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Spiritual direction seeks to attend to God’s activity in the lives of both director and directee. While recognizing and honoring the spiritual beliefs and practices or other faiths, Seeking the Spirit Within is a Christian-based approach to spiritual direction.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction means that you meet monthly with someone who is a trained spiritual director. Mystic John of the Cross said spiritual directors are ushers, opening the door for others to step into the presence of God.

The spiritual director helps a person notice how God is moving in their everyday lives, and encourages them to respond to God in ways appropriate for the individual. Directees are encouraged to draw closer to God.

Other things directees might request are suggestions for spiritual practices, assistance with discernment in important life matters, and/or resources for personal reflection and growth. Generally speaking, directors are nondirective. They are trained to listen empathically for God’s movement in the life of a directee, and to God for the questions that want to be asked.

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