History of Zion Lutheran Church, Albion


Zion Lutheran Church was established as a preaching station in Boone County, Nebraska in 1894 according to the records of the Western District of the Iowa Synod. On May 27, 1894, its members adopted the name Zion Evangelical Lutheran Congregation. All Worship services were conducted in German for the first ten years. The congregation was growing and called their first resident pastor in 1904. At the end of the second decade, the worship services were spoken in English instead of German to meet the needs of new members from other nationalities.

Zion continued to grow in membership while surviving two World Wars. In January 1954, a new constitution was adopted and the name of the church was changed to Zion Lutheran Church.

Zion was affiliated with the Iowa Synod until 1930 and with the former American Lutheran Church until 1960. In 1961 Zion became a part of The American Lutheran Church due to the merger of several Lutheran synods. In 1988, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) was formed and Zion became a part of the largest Lutheran synod. The ELCA headquarters are located in Chicago.

Zion Lutheran Church is located in Albion, Nebraska, the Boone County seat. Albion has a population of 1,611 residents and more when the surrounding rural homes are counted. The basic economy of Boone County is dependent on farming, cattle feeding, agribusiness, hog confinements, small manufacturing, medical, and wholesale and retail sales.

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