Some call this encouragement caring conversations.  Martin Luther writes that the Gospel is provided in several ways.  One is “the mutual consolation and conversation of brothers and sisters.”

In other words, when faithful people get together and share their joys and concerns, God’s gospel promises are available.  All members of the Church have responsibility for sharing the gospel in such caring conversations.

These conversations can happen as family devotional time, among members of the church gathered for Bible reading and prayer, among friends, or in any place where members find themselves.

Faith Inkubators encourages caring conversations. You can check it out here. []

In addition, Vibrant Faith Ministries has a library of caring conversation material for all ages.  You can find it here.  []

In the end, members of the church are called through the waters of their baptism to be Christ in the world, for the sake of others.  Living the faith practice of encouragement is one way this happens.